Title Spotlight:
Defective Comics

Defective Comics is a family-friendly series of comic books. The comics are based on our characters, primarily Adhesive Man and The Gnat. They are unconventional crime fighters, which often leads to strange adventures, and hilarious exploits.

Genre: Parody/Satire

Publisher: Studio Erbo

Eric Cockrell & Darren Fitzpatrick

Links: Studio Erbo site

Facebook: Studio Erbo

Facebook: Defective Comics

Stories & Art:

Eric Cockrell

Darren Fitzpatrick

Ryan Heywood

Eric F Myers

Adrian Puente

Elliott Scott

and others

What's it about?

Adhesive Man, The Gnat, and friends fight crime in this parody and celebration of everything we love about comics, from super teams and crossover events, to super teens and dimensional rifts, it’s all there.

Why did you write or work on this?

Why is it interesting to you as a creator?

It’s just so much damn fun. Darren Fitzpatrick and I created most of these characters when we were in high school, 25 years ago. We’ve been writing stories together since we were 11 years old, and that process just gets funnier and more enjoyable all the time.

Any upcoming projects we should know about?

Will there be more, or something completely new?

Loads! We’re always working on the next Defective Comics book, but right now I am also working on a comic adaptation of the novel that I released last year, Blister: A Punk Rock Memoir. Blister is basically a coming of age story about growing up in the 90’s.

Why should anyone buy this?

It’s damn hilarious. There will be some part of this book that makes you laugh out loud, and it might also make you remember what it was like to read comics as a child. It’s just damn fun.

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