Title Spotlight:
Braun:Techtonic Shift

This action-adventure stars Maven and Braun, her highly-advanced robot guardian who's the last link to her missing parents. In the world of Decca City, governing corporations called Politicorps are constantly battling to win votes using the latest and greatest populist tech for the teeming masses. To get their hands on competitor tech, Axiom Global take over the robot reclamation facility where Maven and Braun work. Braun is flagged as an “employee of interest” because of his mysterious internal parts signatures. Axiom learns that Braun may be part of a secret project that evaded their grasp 20 years ago, and Braun and Maven go on the run. In the fight for survival, Maven finds out the truth about Axiom, her missing parents... and a darker secret that changes her world forever.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Publisher: Studiowhite Publications

Creator: Shane White

What's it about?

It's an OGN about a girl and her robot protector who ends up getting kidnapped. Now she has to save him which uncovers a deeper darker mystery to their past.

Why did you write or work on this?

Why is it interesting to you as a creator?

Because I've been wanting to tell this story for a very long time. It was a chance to break away from my memoir-based graphic novels like North Country and Things Undone and do something even more imaginative.

Any upcoming projects we should know about?

Will there be more, or something completely new?

As soon as I'm done writing a few things I'm going to be pitching again. We'll see. In terms of comics, who knows. I just hope BRAUN does well.

Why should anyone buy this?

It's a really engaging story and I think there's a lot of value for money @200 pages. BRAUN: Techtonic Shift will be available from my website sometime in JUNE. So check out my store at WWW. SHANEWHITE.COM. With a limited print run I'm hopeful it'll sell out fast.

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