Title Spotlight:
Mutilated at Medicine Mound

An alien and an immortal get sucked into a murder mystery in a wild western town.

Genre: Weird West

Publisher: Plot Twist Publishing

Creator: Greg Boucher

Writer: Greg Boucher

Cover: Loren Petty

Interior Art: Loren Petty

Letters: Greg Boucher

What's it about?

That we wouldn't know from reading the synposis.

Bialah and James Clay, characters that debuted in other works of mine, have taken a job investigating a con artist in Denver. On the way, their train breaks down and they decide to spend the night in a nearby town until the train can move again. In the morning, the find that there has been a murder in the town, and they lend their skills to the local law enforcement to solve the crime.

Why did you write or work on this?

Why is it interesting to you as a creator?

I had written a previous story, "Blue" about a space explorer and decided I wanted to do more with the character. I borrowed a character from my superhero book, True North, and wrote up an origin story for him. I released San Elizario, the first part of his origin, this year at the Henderson Libraries Mini-Con, and will have them available at all future shows. I'll be releasing San Elizario on my Storenvy page and on Drive Thru Comics on Free Comic Book Day.

Any upcoming projects we should know about?

Will there be more, or something completely new?

A follow-up to San Elizario called Hotel Arlington, and another story called The Lowlands

Why should we buy this?

Give us your pitch.

If you like Sci-Fi or Westerns, I think you might like this.