Where is the Metamora?
By Steve Benton

The Earth? Destroyed. The Lunar Colonies? A distant memory. All that remains is the Metamora, but only the Deep can last forever...

These are the words currently sitting on the Kickstarter page for a comic called Metamora from indie creator, Lou Frontier.

And he’s in deep, because nobody can find a trace of this Metamora anywhere.

It’s been almost a year since this project was funded (or pockets were lined). I’ve heard excuses, and ‘wants and hopes’ and even tragic rumors but the fact is…

174 backers pledged $3,800 to help bring this project to life.

Or so we thought!
Did we simply throw our money away?
This is concern enough when backing a Kickstarter, but this was our Friend's project!

Is it the friendly nature of the indie community that caused this? Was there no accountability, because they feel like think they know us? “After all, they’re my friends”. Well, I don’t like getting ripped off (even for the paltry sum of $6) by friends or family; so I’m taking it upon myself to create some accountability here with this article.

Who can we trust if we can’t trust our friends to deliver?

$21.84 is the average donation. I only pledged $6. I can’t imagine the poor suckers who pledged more. I’d call it a payment, but for that to be correct the backers would have had to have purchased something. So far all we’ve received are empty excuses and chuckles.

Projects like this only put more doubt into the consumer’s head. 'Doubt', that the comic book industry doesn’t need!

That money went somewhere? Where’d it go? Is it on the Metamora?
I think it’s time Lou Frontier stepped up and made a final post about it.

Where’s our money Jason, erm Lou?

Nobody likes being played for a sucker.

Now people are probably going to attack me for not giving Ol’ Lou here the benefit of the doubt and no warning about this post but please remember, Lou’s name is on the first Issue of American Bison along with mine.

His reputation may negatively affect my own. I’m not happy about that and I think we’re the ones who deserve an apology. He needs to correct this situation.

Is $3,800 the cost of a reputation?

Actually, I feel an apology is owed to the entire indie community over the handling of this project. I’ve since unfriended my old buddy because coincidentally his daily Facebook posts disappeared as soon as the check cleared. Hopefully you guys can get an apology and pass it along to me.

If one is ever found, along with the “Metamora”, and his reputation.

Come on guys. It's hard enough to get projects funded without pulling this sort of act.
Good luck to all the backers, and remember there are many other projects (some even showcased here on AnarchySam.com) that you can support.