Title Spotlight:
Faith Fallon

Faith Fallon was America’s Sweetheart during the fabulous ‘50s and suffered a fate worse, and in some ways better, than death. This is her story.

Genre: Gothic Horror with Sci-fi and satirical elements mixed in.

Publisher: Insane Comics

Creator: Steven Pennella

All work by: Steven Pennella

What's it about?

That we wouldn't know from reading the synposis.

Faith Fallon was America’s Sweetheart during the fabulous ‘50s. She burst onto the Hollywood scene like a shooting star. Men wanted her. Women wanted to be her. Alas, as the fate of so many young starlets in Hollywood, her star eventually faded, and she fell out of favor.
Faith’s career and personal life continued on its downward spiral until she was found dead in her home in upstate New York. She had allegedly committed suicide. Faith Fallon suffered a fate worse, and in some ways better, than death. This is her story.
From Famous to Infamous!

Why did you write or work on this?

Why is it interesting to you as a creator?

I had the idea for a long time, probably since my 2nd year at The Kubert School and never felt confident enough in my abilities to pull it off when I was younger. I pretty much stopped drawing comics style artwork from 1988-2008 unless it was a spot commercial art job and I concentrated on graphic design; a man’s gotta eat. I got the bug to do more comics art after I went to a Kubert School Open House in 2010 and saw some old instructors, Including Joe.
Fast forward to 2012 and I started posting a few pages on my personal Facebook page and it was getting noticed by Arlen Schumer who I met in person in August 2012. He told me I “had something” and after showing the early work to other professional artists I decided to go for it.

Any upcoming projects we should know about?

Will there be more, or something completely new?

Right now it’s all Faith Fallon. She refuses to share attention with anyone smiley image.

Anything else you want to say that I haven't asked you about?

I think we’re good.

Why should anyone buy this?

If you want to see something different, unusual, original, authentic, and done from the heart this is for you. The reviews have been positive, fan feedback equally so, and just when you think you know where the story is going, you realize you do not. There are many twists. I am proud of people liking the story as well as the art, to paraphrase Fabio in Zoolander "People recognize me as a Writer/Artist, not an Artist/Writer and that's an important distinction smiley image.