Writer Spotlight:

Braiden Cox is a writer I met when I first joined the Insane Comics Publishing Group. His flagship project is Reclaiming Godhood, but as you'll read, he has a lot more tricks up his sleeve. Let's take a look!

1. Are you currently working on any projects and what can we see?

Yes, I have quite a few projects I am working on. I won't get too far into details because there are a lot, but if you want to learn more about them make sure you follow us on all social media platforms. Anyways these projects include: Reclaiming Godhood, Blade of the Undying, igKnighted, Pet Squadron: Defenders of Humanity, Outwash Onslaught, P.D.S.D., Cherry Blossom Warrior, and so much more. I will also be taking over writing Duties of American Bison on issue #5.
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Instagram: @Braydoxianstudios

2. Is there a particular concept or piece you are most proud of in your work and why?

Honestly it's hard to decide. I would have to say Blade of the Undying is the concept I'm most proud of. It really reaches to the core of what I love to write about.

3. Do you have any formal training? Do you even think it's necessary?

Formal training? No, I guess not. I am a self taught comic script writer. I believe formal training should be considered. It could really help you grasp on to the idea of how to write in the industry. Especially if you want to work for Marvel or DC.

4. Analog(traditional) or Digital, or a combination of both? What tools do you use and why?

So I am a pen and paper guy. As of now I am even answering these questions by writing them down before I type them up. My choice of weapons? I enter battle with a batch of Pilot G-2 07 pens, a binder full of notebook paper, and a selection of colorful composition notebooks. After I write a script I soon fire up an ancient laptop which I believe is from the stone age. When all machines ran on something called windows XP. I use this ancient behemoth to type up and edit the script.

5. How did you stumble into the Indie Comics scene?

I came across the world of indie comics in 2014. I had created so many stories and characters I decided that I needed to do something with them. Behold Reclaiming Godhood was born. I submitted to insane [Insane Comics] after the previous company which I was apart of disappeared. Although I soon had to terminate my contract with insane since It is hard for a indie guy like be to get a book out every month. I have switched to self publishing and have been doing it since.

6. There can only be one survivor! Penciler, Colorist, Letterer, Writer. Why'd you pick that one? Please Explain.

I chose the path of the writer. I found myself better at crafting characters and stories; rather than drawing poorly drawn and colored stick figures.

7. Who's your hero? Athlete? Family member? Teacher? Caped Crusader?

My hero has always been my dad. The man that told me I could be or do anything I ever wanted to in life, but it if I work hard for it.

8. Do you even read comics, bro? If so which ones, if not...why not?

Bro, I totally read comics. The main ones I read nowadays are the indie titles. However, that doesn't stop me from getting titles like Army of Darkness.

9. You can earn a comfortable living doing ANYTHING. What is it? Feel free to explain why.

Honestly writing. I just love crafting stories for others to enjoy.

10. Where can people see more of your work or find out more about you?

Well I shared where to find us is question #1. However if you are in search of some art work either paid or collaboration feel free to contact me at thetruemkchampion@gmail.com.

11. Anything else you'd like to share with us? Political view. Religious view. Baby on the way? Your first job? Email address? Favorite sports team?

No! Except for support indie comics(you know mainly our titles)!
PS. Hug pugs stay off drugs

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Blade of the Undying

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Reclaiming Godhood

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Pet Squadron: Defenders of Humanity

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